About Mondial Industries

Mondial Industries provides the best products for performance horses, inside and out. We are extremely choosy in how we care for our own horses, so we offer only the most proven, effective, and natural products for yours as well.

As an independent retailer, we:

  • Offer the lowest prices available on cases of SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program through our auto ship program.
  • Are the exclusive seller of FREEDOM Holistic Saddles, unique, handcrafted, flex-tree saddles.

We’ve used both products with our own horses—from rescues to national champions alike—since the products were created.

Mondial Industries History

The name Mondial Industries comes from the French “mondial,” which means “global.” The company was first formed under this name in the 1990s for a limited partnership with the creators of the Diaper Genie. After selling the Diaper Genie business to Playtex in 1999, we kept the name and officially formed Mondial Industries, Ltd. to operate our farm and manage our string of championship Arabian and Arabian-cross show horses.

Raegan Mondial 02 small

With our personal interest and involvement in the equestrian industry, Mondial Industries then shifted focus to developing and bringing new equine products to market.

We’ve found three things to be critical in growing our business and selecting our products:

  1. A broad, generally unmet need.
  2. A unique solution that meets this need in a truly superior fashion.
  3. An implementation team that is talented, focused and determined.

That’s why you’ll find the best products and personal, experienced service every time you purchase from Mondial.

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