Side Saddle

Our ladies' side saddle was designed to fit the horse first and foremost. Unlike other side saddles, the FREEDOM Holistic Side Saddle features a wider tree to enhance the support of the rider's weight on the horse's back. Then, through many trials, we were able to design the fixed head and the leaping to adjust to any rider's height and desired leg position. Our final saddle is beautifully handcrafted with a unique design that allows the rider a balanced and elegant ride.

The FREEDOM Holistic Side Saddle is made of the finest English leather with a suede seat for aesthetics and for a grip like no other saddle on the market. Our adjustable leaping head allows the rider to change leg positions easily.

The Side Saddle is available in standard sizes and options, or order a custom saddle for the perfect fit.

  • FREEDOM Holistic flexible tree
  • Smooth, resilient padding
  • Memory foam seat
  • Gulleted panel

Sizes: 20, 21, 22, 23
 buffalo, smooth, or patent
 dark havana or black
 standard, semi-flex, or ultra-flex

Side Saddle: $3,600