Our Saddles

A correctly made and well-fitting saddle provides freedom for the horse to perform optimally. Anything else is a compromise risking physical injury—not only for the horse but for the rider, too.

The FREEDOM Holistic Tree conforms to the changing shape of a horse's back while moving. When riding, the points of the saddle rhythmically relax across the horse's shoulders. It is imperative that a saddle allows for this movement. If it doesn't, the solid points of the tree will bear down on the withers under the weight of the rider causing great discomfort for the horse. Blood flow will be restricted and tissue damage can occur.

FREEDOM Holistic Saddles is the only patented saddle providing such freedom of the shoulder, allowing the horse to move properly.

All saddles feature buffalo leather or smooth leather flaps, memory foam in the seat, Velcro adjustable knee blocks and a proper, gulleted panel to ensure spine clearance. All are available in Dark Havana or Black. Different models also have additional options where appropriate. And if you’re looking for something a little different from “off-the-shelf” or have a hard-to-fit horse, try a custom saddle.

Side Saddles

Where everything started. Our ladies side saddle was designed to fit the horse first and foremost. Our saddle is beautifully handcrafted with a unique design that allows the rider a balanced and elegant ride.

Hunt Saddles

The FREEDOM Holistic Hunt saddles are the best choice for riders who are looking for optimum performance by eliminating sore backs and allowing the shoulder to move freely.

Cutback Saddles

Used by some of the most winning trainers in the country. Its unique design is sought out because of its ability to eliminate pressure points that so often create discomfort and sensitivity over the horse's shoulder, spine, and back.

Dressage Saddles

With the many designs we offer, our saddles can enhance stride length, overall balance, and comfort. The fit for both the horse and rider are paramount in dressage competition. Our saddles offer the ultimate advantage.